greenmix sr10g

Proportion unit SR10G adapt at the application of Greensir® 1003 or Greensir® MC01 or Greencoat®. This machine can be easly inserted also in GRP automatic plants already existing or used for the reinforcing thermoformed pieces. Very important is that the use take place in an air-conditioned area as by specifications given by Sirtek srl.

- Proportion unit GREENMIX® mod. SR10G
- Control console
- Pipes set
- Feeding Unit for the Proportion Unit
- Spray gun mod. Greengun®
- Manuals

- Computerize management
- Automatic system of auto-calibration for the management of the spraying ratio
- Adjustment multi-set for the ranges
- Double control of the worked material flow
- Heating system FastStart

For more info about this please contact Sirtek srl.

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