Sirtek Srl is a company that operates in the research and development environment of innovative materials and methodologies for the reinforcement of plastic forms. Greensir® , is a well tested high-density polyurethane resin that has been developed in the Sirtek laboratories that satisfy the requirements of the most recent European norms in the area of environmental safety and ecology. Environmental safety and ecology.

The Greensir® is an excellent substitute for fiberglass: it has great strength and elasticity, and also provides a thermal and acoustic insulation above average. It contains no chemical additives that can emit toxic substances during the processing or the normal use of the products on which it is applied. It is a "clean" (meet the new standards on emissions DM 16.01.2004 nr. 44 - Directive 1999/13/EC), does not release toxic chemicals at home or during processing and end of life, can be recycled and reused.

But not only that: the production process is totally green and eco-friendly: all waste used in production are in fact re-used. Sirtek gives the customer a global assistance that starts with the planning consultations, to the installation of automated plant for the reinforcement of plastic forms, the direct production of Greensir® and finally assisting the customer with all the know-how necessary for the management of the reinforcement of the product.


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